Major apology to all fans of Yu-Gi-Oh and reasons for my absence (07.24.2012)

Hello guys, long time no see.

First above, I am truly sorry about the long absence without any notice, but sadly I couldn’t even put up a notice.

Reason is because about a month ago, I was involved in a car accident during the night while going home from school, which happened while I was crossing the street, where this driver drove fast on the turning line and didn’t see me (apparently), and hit me with his car. As a result, one of my ribs had cracks to the bone, and I also had cracks to my bones on both of my arms and left leg, where I was sent to the hospital, and I had to stay there for nearly a month. I pretty much had no access to the internet since I didn’t have anything to use the internet, except for my parents bringing my laptop and letting me watch videos on it, and during the time I couldn’t really type due to my injuries, so I couldn’t notify you guys.

My arm is currently still healing and so far only my right arm is somewhat fine, although it still kind of hurts when I move it. My left arm has bandages and is attached to an arm sling. My leg hasn’t really healed much either, so I am currently using a wheelchair and a crutch to move around.

I was released from the hospital just today, so I am finally back home.
Please note that until I am pretty much fully healed, I won’t be doing any subs (I noticed someone has taken over and I thank the new subber for that).

I am sorry for the inconvenience and please pray that I get healed ASAP so I can be back in action. Until then, you guys will have to rely on the new fan-subber that has taken over.

Thank you guys!


Problems with Episode 60 subbing (Cooperation Needed)

The RAW that was uploaded this week is causing problems for me for subbing this episode. The part at 00:01:19 being scratchy and cut-off is causing me being unable to sync the sub and after trying out my other programs to sync the sub, the sub’s timing becomes off.

I am going to need another version of the RAW, and looks like this time I must make an exception of using a lower-quality video. Sadly, I can’t seem to find another version of the RAW, so I would please ask anyone to provide me with another RAW I can use.


Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Episode 58 English Subbed

Sorry for the major delay guys. Despite saying I will be working on the sub “immediately” on Tuesday, I also had to focus on my studies for my test on Wednesday and work on my group project also, where I had to set aside my subbing for awhile.

CNo.32 Shark Drake Vice was awesome, and we find out that Konami actually buffed the effect of this card in real.

Anyhow, enjoy the subs!

NOTICE: Due to a lot of requests from several people, I have reduced the size of my video from 1280×720 to 720×400, while maintaining the video quality, and decreasing the file size.



.smi/.srt/.ass files

Also, I would like people to suggest me other direct download websites other than Jumbofiles and Rapidshare as I am seeing too many complaints that both these sites are slow for them (when they aren’t for me – unless weird occasions). Need to mention Mediafire will not work out as the website’s max capacity per file upload is 200MB, where unless I totally decrease the video size, quality, and file size to a totally Low Quality video, it will not work out.

As far as I know, most majority direct download websites that do not have Download Speed limits have shut down or are operating differently from before (Ex. Fileserve is now only used as a file storage website instead of a direct download website).

If you guys know other websites that do not have a Download Speed Limiter, please post comment and let me know.

And for those who are experiencing weird situations with Jumbofiles:

If you aren’t pressing the links in the circled area in the images shown above, you either have a virus that automatically directs you to weird websites, or are pressing the wrong things.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Ep.58 English Subbed Delayed due to late HD RAW

As you guys may know or not, Zero-Raw has not uploaded the HD RAW of the episode yet. I need the HD RAW to work on the sub, but even at the current time, they have not put up the episode. I see that a low quality version is available on online video streaming websites, but those won’t do sadly.

I will be working on the sub when the HD RAW is available.

Sorry for the inconvenience and let us hope the HD RAW of the episode is up soon.

EDIT: The HD RAW is out. Will be working on the sub immediately.